Hello and welcome to Living Phase 2.  We’re so glad you are here and look forward to sharing our journey as well as bringing you valuable information related to living in the second phase of life.  We’re Mike and Nancy Jacobs and the best way to learn more about us by going to our OUR STORY PAGE.

To begin with, let’s discuss what we consider the Phase 2 of life.  We look at Phase 2 as being the transition of focusing on an early career and children to a later career and empty nest.  Our focus now turns to retirement and financial security.  Family dynamics change with the addition of grandchildren as well as aging parents.   We have the ability to really enjoy life and contribute to society with time available to volunteer and do other charitable activities.  Change is happening which creates in us an instinct of truly appreciating each day and living life fully without mundaneness and minimizing mediocrity.

As we navigate this phase of life, gathering information related to this stage has become a passion for us.  It is our intent to be a resource and share with you news and information related to this stage of life as well as let you into our lives so you may see how we are Living Phase 2.

You may find our Introduction Video HERE.

Come join our journey as we live in an empty nest and a full life.