Spring is Coming

Spring is Coming

What a happy day that although the snow continues to come down, we caught our first glimpse of spring with robins feasting on seeds from our red bud tree.  I know up north we will continue to have snow for a while with many dreary days but despite that, spring is on its way.  The first day of spring is in 31 days.

It is so important to keep our spirits lifted throughout winter and seeing God’s beauty in these tiny animals while giving thanks lightens our heart and minds.

Spring is a sign of new life.  It is a sign that God fulfills His promises and gives us hope to renew and begin again.  I pause to think of the areas in my life I need to renew and I’m filled with gratefulness for God’s mercies and understanding.  I am grateful that I’m given a chance to begin again.

May each of you see beauty in your corner of the world today and know that spring with its new beginnings is on its way.