Grand Bunnies

Easter is one of our favorite holidays.  I personally enjoy the day as we go to church in the morning and then have an afternoon filled with family fun.  We had four generations at our house this Easter and it was a grand Easter spending it with the “grand-bunnies!”

Tim Emily and mom

We were only missing our oldest daughter who Lives down in Texas with her husband.  We did bring my mother to our house from the assisted living apartment where she resides.

four generations

I spent two days cooking and the food was wonderful and we feasted on baked ham, Texas potatoes, green beans, spinach-strawberry salad, deviled eggs, fruit salad, carrot croissants and bunny cupcakes and cookies.  Yum!

Bunny cupcake and bunny cookies

The little bunny butts are a frosted oreo cookie with white sprinkles.  Feet and tail are from Wilton.

Croissant Carrots

I made a video on how to make these fun croissant carrots which you can see here.


I hope you had a very Happy Easter Friends.

Make it a beautiful day!


Grand Bunnies Back Side