Hi Friends!

Today we continue our tour of the Bardstown Kentucky Area with a stop at the 3 Boys Distillery.  It was honestly one of the best distillery experiences we’ve had. 

What made it so great? We love small and local, and this hit the spot.  3 Boys operation is located in a small barn just outside Frankfort Kentucky.  Everything they do is very small batch and every barrel can have a different mash bill (recipe).  You almost never see that.  They can do that since they are not one of the big boys, but a small craft distillery with excellent product.

This tour was a lot of fun, and the tasting was one of the best we’ve experienced.  Take a look at how we got to thieve our very own bottle of bourbon!

This hidden gem of a distillery makes a great stop if you are in the area of Buffalo Trace.

Live life fully in Phase 2!

Mike and Nancy