While living in phase 2 we have more time for fun hobbies and activities and one of our favorite activities is judging competitive BBQ. Yes, we are competitive BBQ judges and when people hear that they immediately ask, how did you become BBQ judges???

In today’s Phase 2 video we will talk about what’s it’s like to be a BBQ judge and how you can become one yourself.

Here is the link to the KCBS website where you can sign up to become a judge or a team: https://kcbs.us/

Here are the charities we mentioned: Mission Zero Hundred Hours: https://mzhh.org Operation BBQ Relief: https://operationbbqrelief.org/

Please leave us a comment. Are you a BBQ judge? Have you ever heard of competitive BBQ judging? Other suggestions we have missed? If you are a judge, do you have a favorite competition? We love to hear from you. Let us know what you think and if you have any questions.

Cheers to having great hobies in the second phase of life.  Make it a great day Friends!

Mike and Nancy