Living in the second phase of life has given us an opportunity to do more traveling which is something Mike and I have always enjoyed.  Back in 1988 we went on a Royal Caribbean cruise for our honeymoon.  We have just now returned from another Royal Caribbean cruise down in the Caribbean.  We were on Odyssey of the Seas and went to Cozumel, Costa Maya and the Bahamas.  The weather wasn’t the most cooperative on this trip as we were unable to get off the ship in Costa Maya due to the high sea swells.  They weren’t able to lower the gangway.  So the captain turned the ship around and we had another sea day.  Honestly, I like our sea days a lot.  They are the most relaxing and relaxing is what I like for a vacation.  

Odyssey of the Seas is one of the newer ships and it had some fun aminities.  Mike and I got to do an imersive virtual reality experience.  I’d never done anything like that, but we wore the full gear on our heads, back, hands and feet.  We were pirates in this experience and it was unbelieveably realistic.  Even though I knew we were in a room with a floor and four walls, there was a point where we had to walk across a virtual plank of wood to get from one place to another without falling off.  There were times we had to duck or walk through a narrow tunnel.  Crazy.  I can see the future of video games for our grandchildren will be very different. 

Odyssey of the Seas has a North Star experience which is a large ball that holds about a dozen people at a time.  It lifts you high above the ship so you can view the surrounding area.  The picture above shows us in the North Star.

The entertainment on board was amazing.  They had a couple of commedians, a singer and some great musicians.

Other things we did on the ship were ride bumper cars – I didn’t remember being that fun but we had a great time.  We played pickleball, went swimming, lots of reading, visited with others on board, and ate way too much.

Mike and I have some videos coming up that will be showing some tips and trick that we do while crusing.

It always feels good to get away for a bit, but it is always good to be back home.

Make it a great day everyone,