Highs and Lows. Grief and Loss. It is part of Phase 2.

We have recently experienced the terrible lows of life’s grief and loss followed in the same week by incredibly joy and highs of life. Recently, in the same week Nancy lost her mother, after a long struggle in hospice and then 7 days later, our youngest child got married.  See the video above to hear our story.

That is Phase 2 of life in a nutshell. You have lots of highs and lows. You can have a new grandchild born, then your family can experience a tragedy. The most important thing is as life throws these highs and lows at you that you don’t get stuck in the lows. Understand these will pass and there will me good times ahead.

If you are feeling overwelled there are resources available.  First talk to your doctor about how you are feeling. Don’t keep it to yourself. You can talk to your faith leader, spouse, friends, or anyone you trust. 

National suicide hotline: Call 988 on your cell phone across the US.

Friends, enjoy your highs and work through your lows.  We wish you all the best through these times of your life.

Have a beautiful day,

Mike and Nancy