We had a big birthday celebration at our house as the twins are turning 1 in just a few days.  They are not walking alone yet, but walking along the furniture and meeting all their milestones.

Twins age 1

An update on Levi with his cleft.  He goes in this week for the cleft palate repair.  Currently he does not take anything by mouth.  His feedings are through a g-tube in his stomach.  We are all very hopeful that once he has healed from the palate repair, he will go through intensive feeding therapy and learn to eat.  Then the g-tube will be able to be removed.

More exciting news.  We had all the family home for the birthday party.  Katie andher husband flew in from Dallas.  Tim and his fiance visited from the other side of the state.  And we brought mom here from her assisted living apartment. 

Gender Reveal

But, it was more than a birthday party, it was a gender reveal as well.  Both Katie and Emily are expecting!  They are just weeks apart with Katie due in March and Emily due in April.  

So here are the results………Katie and Chris will be having a boy!  Emily and Matt will be having a girl!

What an eventful day friends.  It will be a busy 2023 for sure.  So many blessings and God is so good.

Live life fully in Phase 2 friends,