Hi Friends,

It’s been a bit and it is time for a baby update on the grandbabies.  They are growing steadily.  Levi, on the left, is 12 pounds and Hudson, right, is 14 pounds.  

laryngotracheal cleft

Little Levi has been having minor struggles.  He continues to use his NG tube for feedings.  It was discovered he has a third cleft between called a laryngotracheal cleft which is an opening between the larnyx and the esophagus which can allow food to go into his lungs.  The good news is that Levi had his second surgery and they were able to put a patch in that opening.  We are hopeful that after this next doctor’s visit, he will be able to take his feedings with a bottle.  Levi’s first surgery was cosmetic to repair the lip and nostril.  Here is our daughter Emily with Levi during recovery.

Both are happy little guys and will give us big belly laughs in response to our silliness.  Thank you for your continued prayers for this little one.  We know God has big plans for him.  Correction, God has big plans for them both.

Have a blessed and beautiful Sunday ,