Before cleft lip and palate surgery

What a blessing to live close to our grandchildren.  They bring us so much joy.

At four months old, our little Levi had his first surgery for his cleft lip and palate.  This surgery was all cosmetic to bring his lips together and build a nostril.  Levi actually has a third cleft called a laryngeal cleft which is an abnormal opening between the larnyx and esophagus which food and liquid can pass through the larnyx into the lungs.  This is why he has to have the NG tube through is nose.  It is how he gets his feedings.  I get to give him the first feeding of the day on most weekdays before I head into Apple Spice.  The photo above is the day before his surgery and now you can see him after the repair.

Let me tell you, Levi is such a happy little guy.  He wakes up smiling and the tube doesn’t seem to bother his in the least.  There is nothing better than to start my day off with baby snuggles.

After cleft lip repair

My favorite February moment is that Levi had his first, of numerous, surgeries for his cleft lip.  I am amazed at how well the repair went.  I am so grateful for his surgeon and all of the cleft team that are involved in his care.  God is good and I know He has big plans for this little guy.  So getting is facial repair….that was my favorite February moment.

I’d love to hear your favorite February moments.  Leave a comment down below and let me know.

Make it a great day friends!