Hi Friends,

During a recent visit to our daughter in TX we drove from Dallas to Galveston to catch our cruise on Grandeur of the Seas.  On the way we stopped at a Texas icon Buc-ees!   Yes, it’s a convenience store, but it’s NOT just a convenience store.  It’s the world largest convenience store.  We had to stop and check out this Texas landmark.  

Upon entering this 60000 square foot mecca you will find everything you could possibly need to make your cross country trip enjoyable.

First you will find the cleanest bathrooms in the world!   They pride themselves on having large clean restrooms. Yes, it is pride for them.  🙂

They have fresh BBQ brisket sliced and chopped for breakfast tacos and burritos, and at lunch try a brisket sandwiche, chopped or sliced.

Since we were traveling both in the morning as well as the afternoon we got to experience both breakfast and lunch at Buc-ees.   I had the breakfast brisket taco, it was very good.  For lunch we tried the smoked sausage on the stick and the brisket sandwich.  It was all delicious.  In fact, it was too much to eat!

One thing to note about Buc-ees is they carry their own brand products.  So don’t expect to see name brands, just Buc-ee the Bever brand products.  Fortunately they all seem to be very good.

 Other things we picked up were some everything bagel flavored cashews.

We also tried the Beaver Nuggets.  These are kind of a cheese puff or a corn puff but covered in a sweet coating.  If you have ever had Chicago mix flavored popcorn salty and sweet, it’s a bit like that.  We had to get the white cheddar beaver nuggets as well as the original.  Both were very good, but the original was just down right evil.  YUM!

If you like soda (or pop in Michigan) they even have their own brands and flavors. 

For coffee they have a TON of creamer flavors, including many that are sugar free.

Don’t miss the jerky counter, it’s the biggest I’ve ever seen!   About every flavor you can imagine.    At the jerky counter you can also pick up bakery products, and order custom burritos and tacos.

 Other items not to forget are the fresh roasted nuts and the cups of cookie dough!

Beyond all the snacks and drinks they have a whole shopping area that is like a Cracker Barrel on steroids.

All in all, it is a must stop if you are driving and see one just off the exit of your freeway.

Have a beautiful Living Phase 2 day friends,

Mike and Nancy