Today we are in Cozumel Mexico, and we did some barefoot cooking on our beach excursion.  It was a great time!  We had margaritas while prepping and then sharing a meal while barefoot on a beautiful Cozumel beach.  We highly recommend this excursion if you are in Cozumel.

After our fun on the beach, we went to the wonderful restaurant on Allure of the Seas, “150”.  It did NOT disappoint! 

Then after our amazing dinner we had some drinks and competed in the game “The Prefect Couple”.  It was some real ‘adult’ fun.

As mentioned, before the barefoot beach cookout was announced, we were originally going to go on the Cozumel Bar Hop which is an excursion to book on your own.  It is not available through Royal Caribbean or other tour group.  We had planned this until this special President’s Cruise Excursion came available.  Here is the link to the Cozumel Bar Hop:

Here is a link to a video we did doing the Cozumel Bar Hop on a previous visit. Cozumel Bar Hop Shore Excursion – Fun On The Back Side of the Island – YouTube

Thank you friends for watching and live life to the fullest in Phase 2.  See you soon!

Mike and Nancy